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Elite Local Locksmith Salford (ELLS) is a lock and key company located in Salford. Our services are offered to all people living in Salford and its environs. Our technicians are professionals who are well trained on all aspects that involve locks and key systems.

We are not the conventional locksmith company that only does repair of locks and cuts keys but we also offer various other services like commercial locksmith, Residential Locksmith and Auto locksmith.

Our commercial locksmith service is mostly geared towards business people who want to enhance the security of their premises. Our technicians can install the latest security improving gadgetry that will offer maximum security for your premises. These features include CCTV surveillance, alarms and other forms of sensors, locks such as padlocks etc. some of these appliances can detect intrusion and alert you. The locks we have cannot be easily compromised. We also offer master key set-up. This allows you as the business owner access to all sections of your business while the workers can only access the relevant sections where they work.

Our auto locksmith service offers transponder key reprogramming, retrieval of locked keys, trunk opening etc. all these services are insured and damage to your property is compensated. Our auto locksmith service is perhaps the most called for.
Residential locksmith deals with installation, upgrading and repair of locks in your home and other residential areas.
We are most available and have a 24/7 customer care unit that you can call on for inquiries or placing of orders.

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