Commercial Locksmith

Our Salford locksmiths (ELLS) offers different types of security solutions for commercial settings like shops, stores, resorts, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets etc.

The services we provide to each commercial enterprise are different because of the different situations involved with each premise. The settings vary on different levels like: requirements of the business owner, the business setting, location of the business, the security systems to be installed etc.

Our systems are especially suitable for companies moving into a new building and want to do away with the old security set up and install one that is new and suited for their needs. Our commercial locksmith service offers: master key systems for full access control, rekeying of commercial security locks, repair and replacement of commercial locks, fixing of digital keypads, installation of digital control cards, installation of door bells and other forms of alerts such as alarms, safe repair and changing of the combination as well as fitting of intercom systems among others.

These services are provided with the knowledge that some of them are quite complex and high-tech. therefore we also offer emergency features with these products and services. in case you want these services, they will be provided along with any of the following emergency services: emergency lockouts, 24/7 emergency repair service, key replacement, repair and installation, surveillance system installation, commercial safe opening and changing of the combination and master key replacement among other services.

The emergency services are a must irrespective of which location in Salford you are in. The products that we supply to be installed with our commercial locksmith are the most updated and high end. They are the best security products available. We offer various competent safety products with our commercial locksmith service. These products include: alarm systems, CCTV surveillance, intercom systems, dead bolts, lock sets, door knobs, electronic locks, access control, panic bars, gates, safes, door handles and closures etc. these are the major security products that most businesses ask for and we have them in our disposal. We also develop new products everyday to counter the new ways burglars and thieves use to gain access to businesses. Our commercial locksmith security products will prevent any form of burglary or theft from happening in your premises. In case there is any success of an intrusion you will be alerted way before the criminals make it through the first entrance.

You can find our commercial locksmith Salford technicians by checking for our contacts on the local telephone directory. However, for more detailed viewing of the services and products that we offer, you can check online on our website where you can go through all our offers and packages. We offer special discounts on some of them.

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