Key Cutting Salford

Elite Local Locksmith Salford (ELLS) can cut all key types. We have the latest machines that can do the key cutting job with pin point precision. Key cutting is a service that is involved in almost all the services we offer. We have different machines for cutting different types of keys.

Today, there are so many key cutting machines available in our workshop. The most common however is the standard manual type. In this method our technicians place a blank on one side of the machine and the key to be copied on the other side. This method produces keys with finer edges and finishing and is best for keys that have fine details and ridges.

The other type of machine is the automatic key cutting machine. Here, our technicians act as guides for the machine but the machine will do the key cutting automatically. This is the machine that is most used by our locksmiths and is the one preferred by most of our clients because the key cutting process is faster. This means that if you have locked yourself out of your house, car or you are just in need of a new pair of keys, you can call our technicians and within an hour you will have your keys ready and delivered to your door.

Some keys require specific machines that you won’t find anywhere else in Salford. For example, the tubular key cannot be cut by any of the machines we mentioned earlier because they can’t create the shape and features that are in the key. This type of key is mostly used with soda vending machines. This key is cut using a tubular key cutting machine. Though this machine operates in the same fashion as the manual key cutting machine, it requires a certain level of dexterity that our locksmiths possess to create the tubular key.

Another machine that we use to cut keys is the code cutter. These machines are used to make original keys for your locks. This means that the keys made by this machine cannot be produced anywhere else and they are special to you; you will be the only person who will possess the keys.
Another key cutting machine is the punch code machine. The operation of this machine is similar to that of the code cutter. The only difference is that the code cutter uses a rotating wheel to cut the keys while the punch machine uses a punching mechanism to create keys.

Though you can buy these machines from our stores to create your own keys, nothing beats our key cutting Salford service. The keys are made with some finesse which creates exact duplicates of your originals.

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